Ideas for Future Workshops


I’ve been having some great conversations. Some of you have said that you need to get out more, others want to learn more skills in the kitchen, some said they want to eat healthier, some just like the social aspect of these workshops, and others just LOVE to cook. I hear you! That’s why I started this school. These are your workshops, so tell me more of what you’d like experience; That’s what makes this a boutique cooking school. (Look at it like fantasy football.) Below are ideas some of you had mentioned. Next to each item, I’ve expanded on what we could do.

sauces – reduction sauces, mixes (like taco and spaghetti), and salad dressings
5 ingredients or less (for the busy person) – I’ll show you 5 meals you can make fast
meat dishes – a lesson on braising (one of the easiest and best tasting ways to cook)
gluten-free dishes – pizza, bread sticks, biscuits

I also had some ideas:

– field trips (to local farms, CSAs or farm stands). I visited a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and it was an amazing experience. These are farmers who grow produce for 25-50 families.
– having a guest speaker come here
– children’s cooking workshop
– cheese making (mozzarella, ricotta, and butter)
– salads
– all about herbs
– handmade chocolate (for Valentine’s of course!)

Leave us a comment if you have any more ideas. I’d love to hear from you!


Fantastic First Workshop

Today was our first workshop, Gourmet Flavored Salts and Extract Making. We had 9 people and it was the perfect afternoon.

We started out with a nice lunch of roasted butternut squash soup and gluten-free cauliflower parmesan biscuits. I talked briefly on how these were a sampling of future workshops. After lunch we dove into gourmet flavored salt making and finished it off with making the orange extract.

I divided participants into 2 teams, talked about what we’d be doing, gave them ideas on what they might use their new products for, gave them baskets with all their ingredients, a sheet of guidelines for each exercise and then walked the room to support them.

Our workshop was very interactive. Each team ended up with some great products. They all had some competitive fun and teased each other just a little bit.

A big thank you to my husband, Eric who took the photos of this workshop.

Our workshop was 3 hours and ended right on time. It was the perfect afternoon! I finished the night off squeezing all those naked lemons and oranges we peeled!

A big thank you to all those who came!

I Have a Dream

I have a dream of sharing a healthier alternative way of cooking so people can live longer, feel stronger, and have increased energy. The more I read about mainstream products and ingredients, the more concerned I’ve become about the health of our nation. It’s not just what we ingest, but what we put on our bodies as well. Look at what ails us as a nation and you’ll understand: diabetes, cancer, heart problems, weight problems, fertility issues, high blood pressure, etc…Need I say more?

Synthetic ingredients, highly processed foods that offer no nutritional value, foods loaded with sodium and/or sugar, GMO’s and increased pesticides are possible threats to our health.

We want to stay slim and young for as long as we can. We diet to try and regain balance of those things. However, dieting will never do what healthy eating can do. You will never diet if you eat the right foods. Healthy eating should be a way of life. Food should revive and sustain us, not weigh us down.

I challenge you to know your food; how it was it was produced, where it comes from and how long it was stored. Know what ingredients are in the food you buy by understanding which ingredients that help or harm.

Partner with me as I start our online blog and boutique cooking school here in Loretto, Tennessee so we can promote health and wellness. Digest healthy.

Gourmet Salts and Extract Making

labelsSaturday, October 19, we’re kicking off our first cooking school workshop. We’ll be making 3 gourmet finishing salts (lemon, onion and wine) and an orange extract to give away as gifts for the holidays. We’ll post our photos on the blog after the event.

Get a detailed schedule of our future Workshops.