Fireside Soup Making Workshop Tonight

It’s going to be a great evening tonight. We’re expecting a good sized crowd coming to our mini workshop. My thoughts on creating these mini workshops during the week are to give people a chance to get out for a couple of hours, learn a couple of new things and enjoy a great home cooked meal. Tonight we’re making two wonderful homemade soups: a chicken soup called Pozole and a chili. We’ll enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace to celebrate the change in the weather.

A few people I’ve talked to this week say they or a member in their family is battling diabetes, high blood pressure, or fibromyalgia just to name a few. Some are not sure where to start when it comes changing the way they cook. Sometimes it takes one of these life changing events to make changes. That’s what happened to me. I’m hoping our workshops benefit these types of people, but I’m also hoping it helps prevent someone from having to deal with the long journey of recovery. I’ve always said, how you control your health starts at home. Being conscious of what you eat is a first step.

Our chili is naturally low carb. Aside from the canned low-sodium chicken broth, tomatoes and beans, there’s no added salt in the soup and it tastes great! Here’s where alternative cooking comes in; you can take this a step further and buy low-sodium tomatoes and dried beans. Alternative cooking is all about being conscious of your ingredients and the options you have to choose from while not compromising taste. Think outside the recipe!

Stay posted. We’ll post photos of our event tomorrow.


One thought on “Fireside Soup Making Workshop Tonight

  1. I’m gonna miss the yummy event, bummer for sure!! Preston has his first basketball game fo the season. I will be thinking of you all. Have a great, fun evening!!

    So. Cal Girl..suzy

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