People Inspire

Wherever I go, whomever I meet, people inspire me to do great things personally and in my business. You see, I follow the theory that people are placed in your life at the exact time you need them. They are meant to inspire you and vice versa. From the shop owner to the server at a restaurant, if you open up a conversation, you’ll find it can unite both your worlds. There really is common ground.

In talking with people, I find that they really do want to eat healthy, know what’s in their food and buy local to support their community. They are also experiencing real issues: food intolerance, celiac disease, diabetes, etc. That’s the kinds of things that are driving me to develop classes that are healthy for almost anyone.

I’ve made connections with some really great local business owners who are providing healthy local products. Just by picking up the phone, going to a business, or emailing them, I am bridging that gap for my customers. It’s really encouraging to be amongst people who have the same healthy goals. I want to share these kinds of resources with my customers.

In my workshops, I’ve had some interesting conversations with my customers. I like to get to know their levels of awareness. It gives me the opportunity to let them in on what they might not be aware of. This is the kind of value I like providing.

After moving from California to Tennessee over a year ago, I decided early on that I would not be a wallflower. I’ve joined a few groups and have met people who are supporting me in unique ways. If there’s anything I’ve learned, you cannot replace the need for human networking. That will never go out of style.


3 thoughts on “People Inspire

  1. Great post, Michelle! It IS all about networking and letting people know that there ARE healthier options out there. Knowing how to cook grass fed/pastured meats that aren’t injected with ‘God knows what’ is also important. It’s usually “low and slow”. You can pay now for healthier foods or pay later with bad health. And, knowing where your food comes from ain’t so bad, either.

  2. Great article! We try to make a difference. I am a testament to healthier eating (low carbs, garden fresh chemical free veggies, healthy fats and no processed or fast food)…I’ve lost 60+ lbs since moving here to the Farm in Dec 2009. Kind of on a plateau right now (happens every winter! LOL), but plan on really kickin’ it into gear come gardening time! Come onnnn Spring! Keep it going, Michelle and Eric, you guys are doing a world of good, too!

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