Chocolate 3-Ways Workshop

Wednesday was a nice night for a chocolate making party. Six ladies and one young gentleman joined me in making delicious white chocolate, toasted coconut chocolate and some chocolate dessert cups with toasted coconut banana ice cream.

One of the girls came ready to cook with her own apron which made me think, I must get aprons for my customers! I’m sure everyone would appreciate it.

Desserts are not my specialty, but chocolate by far is one of the easiest desserts to show how to make. The chocolate firms up fast in the freezer. It took a full 30 minutes. Everyone seemed to enjoy both chocolates, but the white chocolate was my personal favorite.

We used honey as the sweetener for the chocolates. We were able to incorporate it into the chocolate mixture by whisking it for a full minute without it separating. Mixing honey with chocolate is like mixing oil and water. I got a tip from another blogger that said to add a little coconut flour and it worked brilliantly to help it emulsify.

We made the banana ice cream at the end. I got some surprised looks after some of them sampled the banana ice cream. It’s made with frozen bananas and does not require any sugar (and it doesn’t need it). We added some milk, vanilla and toasted coconut and it was simply delicious. “It’s a really great way to get your potassium!” one of the girls so eloquently put it. My sentiments exactly!

I always have some great conversations during these workshops especially when we’re finished cooking and we’re sampling our foods. The son of one of the girls already has an appreciation for healthy foods. He proudly told me the story of how he and his mom had made delicious oven roasted talapia the other night seasoned with Italian herbs and olive oil. His mother, who has been gluten-free and free of processed sugar for 30 years now has taught her son the importance of eating organic and healthy. I think he has a healthy future ahead of him.

It was nice to learn that two of the girls like to go to events around our area. I always enjoy finding new venues to spark the imagination and be creative. I’m hoping our workshop inspired everyone.

One of the girls won our drawing for an 8 oz. jar of Williams of Sonoma coconut oil.

It was a very sweet night!


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