Cooking Outside the Recipe Box


Unlike the recipe boxes we had when I was growing up, I have an electronic recipe notebook I’ve created in a program called One Note. It’s a nice little journaling software that allows you to create notebooks with tabs and pages within tabs. You can keep your recipes in real time.

If you have Microsoft Office, then you probably have One Note. It’s good for a variety of different things. However, this is where I store all my recipes now. It’s a nice replacement to the binder of unorganized recipes I used to have. I’ve added my entire recipe collection to this journal. As I find new ones on the web, I copy and paste them along with their photos. It shows where you got the recipe when you paste; At the bottom of the paste, the url comes with it. I find this handy when I like the author and would like to return to their site for more recipes. As I use the recipes in my notebook, I edit the recipes and make notes. Sometimes, I even replace the photos with my own just to personalize it.

One of the great things about recipe journaling is that you can pass your notebook onto family members like your kids. My kids have a copy of my notebook with all the recipes they grew up with. It’s my legacy to them.


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