No Leftovers!


It was another great workshop in the Cooking with Alcohol Series, part 2. We had 7 participants.

We grilled a tequila chicken marinaded in a homemade low-carb margarita mix (all from scratch). Black beans, rice and a farm fresh salad accompanied the dish. This gracious meal consisted of only 520 calories! There was no guilt and the guests left no left-overs!

This workshop focused on marinading. When meat is marinaded in alcohol, it bonds to the molecules and also helps carry fat soluble compounds like garlic, herbs and other seasoning into the meat.

Since we were doing a Spanish Style dish, I thought it would be fun to introduce some Costa Rican flavors to the students. Tica, which is short for Costa Rican was the style for our Tica Black Beans and a Tica Salad Dressing. We used a Costa Rican product called Salsa Lizano. The salsa is the consistency of a curry sauce, but tastes totally different. It’s not like the salsa Americans know. Costa Ricans use the salsa (or sauce) as a condiment. It’s perfect for marinading meats, using in tomato salsa, ceviche, arroz con pollo (chicken with rice), braising meat, using in guacamole or as a condiment in tacos. You can find the salsa on ebay, amazon or in Latin markets.

In every workshop, we give a gift related to our class. Kerry won our drawing for a 32 oz. bottle of Salsa Lizano. Congrats to him.

Each participant goes home with our workshop recipe cards. We’re happy to announce, our recipes now have the nutrition info on the back! I was lucky to find that an internet site called, Spark People has a recipe calculator. The site allows you to save your recipes privately or share them online. There’s quite an extensive ingredient database. I was pleased to find Salsa Lizano as one of their ingredients!

At the end of our workshop, one of our guests exclaimed, “Your workshops are the one thing I really enjoy.” Thank you for that! We try very hard to create a fun and unique experience for all our participants. As the weather warms up, we’ll be taking some of our workshops outside.


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