A Weekday Vegetarian Meal Workshop

I took the heat (literally) when I prepared the ingredients for our vegetarian workshop on Thursday. Chiles are spicy before they’re cooked. My hands were feeling the heat! Mexican food takes a lot of preparation but it’s well worth the effort. I converted my Mexican rice from tomato to roasted red peppers for a guest who cannot eat tomatoes. I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t miss the tomatoes.

The girls really enjoyed preparing the meal and sampled along the way. That’s the fun about cooking with a group. We made stuffed poblanos with enchilada sauce accompanied by Mexican rice and a farm fresh salad with a Caesar dressing.

The weather was beautiful, so we ate outside. Everyone cleaned their plates!

One thought on “A Weekday Vegetarian Meal Workshop

  1. As usual, Preston and I had a wonderful time at your home. The meal was incredible, and we both cleaned our plates. Preston really enjoyed driving the tractor, a special bonus indeed! Thank you Michelle for another delicious experience!
    So-Cal Suzy

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