Past Engagements

2013-2015 Past Events/Workshops

Speaking Engagements:

  1. Master Gardener Plant Sale: What to do with what you Gather *We gave away a spiral slicer
    Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10am-11am
  2. FLC: Cooking with Herbs Train the Trainer
    Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 11am
  3. Silver Sneakers Exercise Demonstrated 2 Smoothies: Fit and Fab Smoothie Recipe
    Held Wednesday, June 25, 11:00am
  4. Loretto Lioness Lions Club *We had a drawing for 4 herb plants
    Held Monday, April 28, 6:30pm-7:30pm
    Presented Cooking Culinary with Herbs, Demonstrated 2 Salsas: Fresh Pineapple Salsa and Tica Salsa
  5. Master Gardener Plant Sale *We gave away 4 herb plants
    Held Sat., April 26, 10am-11am
    Presented Cooking with Culinary Herbs, Demonstrated an Italian Layered Terrine and 3 Pestos: Basil Pinenut Pesto with a Zing, Cilantro Pepita Pesto, Parsley Almond Pesto


  1. May 26, Monday night – If you Love Salads
    We made 3 salads to sit down and enjoy. They were light and healthy.
    *Gluten-free, *Dairy-free, Non-GMO, *No MSG, *Nuts use
    6pm to 8pm – $19 *We gave away a mini chopper and a mini colander.
  2. May 8, Thursday night – A Weekday Vegetarian Meal
    We prepared stuffed chiles with enchilada sauce, red beans and black rice and a garden salad
    *Vegetarian, *Gluten-free, *Lactose-free
    6pm-8pm – $15/person *We gave away a white serving platter.
  3. Wed., March 19, 26 and Apr. 2, 2014 – Wednesday Night Workshop – Cooking with Alcohol
    In this 3-part series (3 Wednesdays), we learned the basics of cooking with alcohol. We made 3 different meals we sat down and enjoy.

  1. Wed., February 26, 2014 – Wednesday Night Chocolate 3 Ways Workshop
    In this is a fun little workshop. We learned to make 3 refrigerator chocolates: white chocolate, dark coconut chocolate and a dark chocolate dessert cup with banana ice cream. We sampled when we were through. *We gave away an 8 oz. jar of Williams of Sonoma coconut oil.
    6:30pm to 8:30pm – $19/person
  2. Tues., February 4, 2014 – Tuesday Evening Gluten-Free Italian Workshop We learned to make a cauliflower pizza and salad to sit down and enjoy. The participants couldn’t believe these are gluten-free. Best of all, they were satisfying and waist friendly! 6pm to 8pm – $12/person *vegetarian. *We gave away a pizza cutter.
  3. Tues., November 5, 2013 – Tuesday Evening Fireside Soup Making Workshop We enjoyed a cozy fire and learned to make 2 healthy soups from scratch: chili (with beef, beer and beans) and a Mexican chicken posole. I gave them tips to making great soups from scratch. We sat down afterwards and enjoyed our homemade soups. *We gave away a soup spoon.
    6pm to 8pm – $9/person
  4. Sat., October 19, 2013 – Gourmet Flavored Salts and Extract Making Workshop
    We learned to make 3 flavored salts (lemon, onion and wine) and an orange extract you can give away as gifts for the holidays. Cost covered 3 tins of flavored salts, 1 bottle of extract, pretty labels for your handmade items, recipes and a gourmet lunch. (This class was priced as an introductory class.) *We gave away a certificate for a free class.
    12pm to 3pm – $15/person  *dairy-free (there is an optional dairy topping)

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