Thinking Outside the Recipe

Thinking outside the recipe…That definitely describes what I do. Maybe it’s a learned thing (or maybe it’s the rebel in me). I change recipes to suit my own personal needs and tastes. I truly like making a recipe my own. After I tell my sister-in-law I changed the recipe, she says, “Of course you changed it!” In the past 10 years, changing the way I cook has been paying off health-wise. It has given me mental clarity and energy. It’s too good not to share. That’s why I started this business.

I’ve read lately that with the state of our economy, more and more people want to know how to cook at home so they can save money. There’s a misnomer that healthy food is expensive. Healthy food doesn’t have to break the bank, so don’t let that deter you from learning to cook healthy. We can help you understand your resources and options.

Maybe some of my participants don’t come to class to learn how to cook healthy. Hopefully, by sampling great tasting healthy foods, they’ll be inspired to go home and make it. Perhaps, they’ll think about the choices they make. I don’t know how many times, I’ve heard people say, “So, you’re teaching people how to cook healthy. You mean food with no taste?” I answer emphatically, “No! Healthy food should taste great!” I’ve vowed to never save a recipe that doesn’t absolutely thrill me.

I’m not predictable, so I don’t want our events or workshops to be either. We’re going to change up the curriculum and scenery as often as we can to give you something new to look forward to in 2014. We’ll do some classes inside and some outside. Some workshops, you’ll be doing the work, other classes you’ll get demonstrations and sample the results. For Valentine’s Day, we’re going to offer a dinner for all you foodies out there. We’ll be taking some interesting local trips to visit a CSA and a farm where their cattle is grass fed; all so you can make better choices right in your own backyard. We’ll even have a few workshops with music for all you music lovers. Stay posted to our Events and Workshops page for all our future offerings.