The Alternative Cooking Lifestyle


After introducing myself and my business, people often ask me, What is alternative cooking? Our motto, “Cook Healthy – Live Well” says a lot about who we are. We are all about cooking from scratch, finding healthy alternatives to less healthy ingredients (such as processed foods) so we can live without sickness.

Cooking alternatively may not always be the less caloric approach, but it can be. Take organic butter for instance, it is high in fat but contains no hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. We would much rather use organic butter than margarine even if it is higher in calories. Margarine is not natural and highly processed. Another approach would be to replace butter with a good fat like avocado oil. (To understand this concept, read, Chemicals in your Food Can Make You Fat – by CBS News.)

We see alternative cooking as a lifestyle with many options. It’s about as broad as an individual’s tastes and needs. We like to make people aware of their options so they can make better choices. Most recipes can be altered to be healthier. We show people how that’s possible. I’m finding, people are trying recipes or pairings they might never have thought to try.

Knowing where your food comes from is important. You will not know that from buying food from a box store. We encourage supporting local farmers and businesses to boost our economy. This may not be anything new to our locals, but there are a lot of transplants here who want to know what’s available.

Our home kitchen is used for most of our workshops. This brings everything to such a personal level. The social aspect is something people crave. People who cook together are so happy. One girl told me, “We need more things like this. It’s nice to have something local that we don’t have to drive far to go to.”

Cooking is so diverse in cultures and practices. It’s nice to be in an environment where you can share your own views. Everyone brings their own perspectives to our workshops. We can learn so much by talking to one another.

Our business is striving to make a difference. By showing people their options, they will be equipped to make better choices so they can live healthier lives.